For Our Clients

Great people make up great organizations. As a leader in business, your first priority is to build a team of excellent people. You need to maximize the return on your human capital investment, and we can help you do just that, assembling a group of talented people for your organization. The difference between average people and elite candidates truly is a multi-million dollar difference!

Drawing from our wealth of consulting experience, The Bradley Group can help you expand your recruiting base and open closed doors, giving you access to excellent potential candidates. We are in the market place every day, and have access to the top talent within your industry

In addition to our own experience, we rely on input from our clients and candidates, making us more keenly aware of what companies and individuals are looking for. The combination of listening to your feedback and applying our own wisdom has greatly expanded our recruiting “best practices,” allowing us to serve you better.

We start by listening. In order to find the right person for you, we observe, ask questions, and listen until we deeply understand your needs. Then, we provide a nationwide search within the healthcare industry, screening and interviewing the most qualified candidates until we find the best person for your company. We look for those with the talent and experience required to be successful, but we also dig deeper, identifying the candidate—the person—who fits best within the culture of your organization. We will deliver the right talent to your company.

Your needs dictate the approach we take. We perform contingency, performance-based engagements, and retained searches. We are here to serve you.

We are able to perform each of the following high-level services for your company:

  • In-depth industry research
  • Focused and thorough candidate search
  • Seeking referrals from our developed and continuously expanding network of individuals and companies in healthcare
  • Posting the position opportunity on selected local and regional career boards and industry-specific career networks
  • Screening process that effectively means we only interview candidates who fit your profile, which safeguards your personal productive time, keeping your desk and phones uncluttered with unnecessary candidate traffic
  • Behavioral- and personality/attitude-based interviewing and screening
  • We ensure confidentiality in the search process
  • Actual performance focused reference checks
  • Research and consultation regarding the offer and compensation package
  • Continuous involvement throughout the selection process; we will stay committed through the offer and acceptance stages, and see the process through until employment begins
  • Assistance to your selected candidate as they handle resignation and counteroffers
  • Availability for post-hire consultation

We leave no stone unturned when searching for your perfect candidate. By allowing The Bradley Group to handle your recruiting, you assure yourself of a measured, process-driven candidate search.

Remember, great people make for a great organization. Turn to The Bradley Group who has a proven process—let us find the best person for you.