Brad Arnold and Douglas Pittman are very real genuine people who treat people well. Certainly me and my company as a client, but also they served each of the candidates they reached out to with a high level of courtesy and professional respect which made for a very positive impression of our company with the candidate even if we did not move forward with them. And they did bring some excellent candidates to the table. – Assistant VP of Recruitment, HCA

My experiences with The BRADLEY GROUP have all been positive. They provide prompt, professional service and they work diligently to present candidates with the skills and experiience necessary to meet our needs. – Human Resources Director, Teche Regional Hospital

Using Brad Arnold for recruitment efforts has been successful due to his willingness to take the time to understand the client’s needs, an ability to communicate well both positives and negatives, and he has respect for your availability and time constraints. Communication regarding the search process, results, and feedback from candidates is timely and concise. – Vice President Financial Services, Haven Behavioral Healthcare

My experience with The BRADLEY GROUP has been rewarding both financially and with professional growth. Brad Arnold has been a tremendous resource to me by providing guidance, as well as arranging both permanent and interim assignments. I have found Brad to be very well connected in the industry with many of my associates in various corporations having had the occasion to work with him. He is my first source for career opportunities. – Chief Financial Officer / Consultant / Interim CFO

I have had the experience of being first a recruited CFO candidate and then also a client of Brad Arnold’s. At our hospital, if we don’t internallly achieve the recruiting results needed, I make a call to The BRADLEY GROUP. It is always a pleasure. – Chief Financial Officer, West Valley Hospital

The search process with Brad far exceeds my experience with other firms. One of the most responsive and accessible recruiters I work with. – Vice President Patient Financial Services, Attentus Healthcare

When asked by another Senior Vice President of Human Resources of a prominent hospital company for the name of a recruiter that he could depend on to get in and work hard on some difficult searches and produce excellent results, I gave him the name of Brad Arnold. He has done and continues to do excellent work for us. – Vice President Recruitment, LifePoint Hospitals